NaviGuide is a godsend for my parents and me.

My parents have always had a mind of their own. They were determined to stay in the home they’d had for over 50 years. Then my dad had a stroke. He was always the handyman around the house and since he retired he helped mom with laundry, going to the store, even cooking. I knew mom wouldn’t be able to handle it all by herself. I helped as much as I could, but I have to travel for my job and couldn’t always be there when they needed something.

That’s when I heard about NaviGuide. What a godsend. Our service coordinator spent time getting to know them and how they live. Then she put together a plan that provided the services and supports they need to remain in their home.

Arranging for help with household chores, transportation to doctor appointments, running errands—whatever it was, their NaviGuide service coordinator took care of making sure their needs were met. Now their service coordinator is like a friend who’s there when I can’t be. It’s given us peace of mind knowing that NaviGuide is in our corner, making life easier for all of us.

Dad is slowly recovering from his stroke, and he and mom are happy that NaviGuide is there to help them continue living in the home they love. It’s also a blessing for me because I know mom and dad have someone they can lean on, even when I’m out of town on business. I’d recommend NaviGuide to anyone whose parents are getting older and are determined to live on their own.

Jackie, Daughter

It was the day that I breathed again – Terry A.
It’s not that we didn’t know the answers, it’s like we didn’t even know what questions to ask.                      -NaviGuide Client
They’re really comfortable in that discomfort – they helped us be comfortable in knowing what we’re walking into without discomfort and unknown and fear.       -NaviGuide Client
I have this dog, I don’t have a car, I can’t get to the vet. Olivia helped me get Daisey to the vet! -NaviGuide Client

Our service coordinator provides wonderful support for my mother.

I’m actively involved in my mom’s life. I tried for a while to take care of all of her needs but I quickly became overwhelmed with the additional responsibilities. That’s when I learned about the benefits of NaviGuide. Our service coordinator provides wonderful support for my mother. We soon realized mom was very much in need of companion visits. The service coordinator now drops by her apartment for a visit twice each week, giving her the gift of friendship and conversation and brightening her otherwise long day.

Seeing my mother on such a regular basis also gives the service coordinator valuable insights into her well-being. When my mother’s mobility started to decline, the service coordinator immediately informed me about an added Medicare benefit that covers in-home physical therapy visits. We’ve really come to appreciate the ways in which our service coordinator is helping mom live a better quality of life.

Sandra, Daughter

The seniors I work with have a better quality of life.

When people ask me what it takes to be a NaviGuide service coordinator, I tell them about my background in social services and the several years I’ve spent working with seniors. My job is to get to know the people I’m helping, and to match seniors with the services they need. At NaviGuide we have a list of what we call “preferred providers,” individuals and companies that meet our strict standards for being reliable, dependable and trustworthy.

I like to think of us as part investigator, part educator and part problem-solver because we use all those skills in our jobs. It’s satisfying to know I’m helping the seniors I work with have a better quality of life. I enjoy being there for them, as well as helping make their families’ lives a little easier too.

Olivia, NaviGuide Service Coordinator

We take in all of the needs and wants of a family, then build a goals list and start problem solving. We talk, we laugh, I hear you. I want to know what you’re going through. I want to understand more about what you’re experiencing, and what is in the way. – Olivia, NaviGuide
A lot of what we do is listen and find answers. -NaviGuide













I help seniors stay where they want to live as long as possible. Most people think it is easy until a confusing piece of mail trips them up or medications are taken out of sequence. -Robin, NaviGuide
There a lot of people that can’t remember if they took their medications, we monitor symptoms and then put together a better system – its just one of the things we do. -NaviGuide
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