As your parents get older, you might be spending more and more time helping them. It’s not always easy balancing their needs with your other responsibilities. That’s why United Church Homes created NaviGuide.

A new way to help the seniors in your life

NaviGuide service coordinators understand the needs of seniors, and make sure they get the help they need from qualified and trustworthy local providers.

NaviGuide will provide:

  • A dedicated service coordinator
  • Personalized solutions and communications
  • Help exploring options to support seniors in their homes
  • Help navigating healthcare services and insurance
  • Connection to benefits and services seniors may not know they qualify for
  • Scheduling services that can make life easier–transportation, food delivery, household chores
  • Assistance exploring other living options if and when the time is right
  • 24-hour access to communicate with a NaviGuide representative

Your NaviGuide service coordinator will be committed to understanding the unique needs of the seniors in your life and will coordinate the support they need to live well independently. For more information, call 614-820-8842.

A helping hand for them. And you.

With NaviGuide, it’s not just your parents who experience the benefits. We will be your partner in care. We will get to know what your loved one wants and needs and will help them navigate and find the right solutions. The result is you get some time back in your busy schedule and you can focus on your other responsibilities.

“What a godsend. NaviGuide gave us a way my parents could stay in their home and have all the assistance they need.” Jackie, Daughter

Click here to read the full story of Jackie’s NaviGuide journey

Your service coordinator conducts regular check-ins with your loved one. As experts in aging services we will work together to create a practical plan for helping your loved one live their best life. NaviGuide gives you peace of mind, knowing that the details are being well-managed by a trusted partner.

I like being a NaviGuide Service Coordinator because I know I’m helping the seniors I work with have a better quality of life. I enjoy being there for them, as well as helping make their families’ lives a little easier, too.

Kim, NaviGuide Service Coordinator

Simple, dependable and affordable

NaviGuide is an affordable option for aging adults who don’t want to give up their independence. A service coordinator will partner with your family to develop a personalized, flexible plan for support that changes as wants and needs evolve.

Step One: Schedule an In-home Initial Assessment

Your NaviGuide journey begins with an in-home initial assessment to determine the ways NaviGuide can help seniors live their best lives.

One Time Fee $95
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Step Two: Sign up for a Monthly Membership

NaviGuide will coordinate the support seniors need to live well independently.

Membership is $249 per month. You can cancel at any time.

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About us

With more than 100 years of experience serving seniors, United Church Homes created NaviGuide for people just like you. NaviGuide is your partner in helping older adults live well at home. We provide trusted guidance and support to help your loved ones do the things they want to do. To learn more about United Church Homes, visit

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